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Name:amk industry 
Time:02/15/2017 at 11:48am (UTC)
Message:Awesome work to my dear, i m the visitor of your site , I Read All Of the Article of The Site The Article Was very Nice , I Am Sharing The Best Status and love Site You Will Be Shocked After Check The Article!!

Name:cathy lithie 
Time:06/21/2010 at 1:00am (UTC)
Message:hey peter my name is Cathy from Advanced race team, we would be interested in having you race for us. and would you be up for some modelling shots? anyway talk soon hun. xx

Name:Steve Riley
Time:12/24/2008 at 7:58pm (UTC)
Message:Gday mate, I too found you thru Catalina research.I,m born and bred Katoomba boy and have many great memories of the track,especially from the 70,s with Brocky & Bondy hurling their Toranas around the Rally-Cross track.I would love to help try and at least preserve the track as an important piece of local if not State heritage.It will probably never see a race car or the likes again,the local greenies and ''ïndigenious" groups will never let it happen. But if you have some ideas..lets do it. Cheers Steve

Time:09/07/2008 at 2:07pm (UTC)
Message:Hi mate,
nice site. I actually came across it through wikipedia as I was researching Catalina Park Katoomba, As I heard it was a fantastic track now sadly in ruin. I would love to help you save it.

Name:Chris Halesworth 
Time:03/23/2008 at 9:12am (UTC)
Message:Hey its Chris Halesworth here a member from Geelong as well nice site please visit www.chris-halesworth-motorsport.tk

Cheers Chris

User: 57racer
Time:02/15/2008 at 2:47am (UTC)
Message:The porposed plans for catalina have been put on hold untill we can get funding from the Goverment, or other resaurces.

Time:02/12/2008 at 1:09pm (UTC)
Message:hi mate any updates about catalina?

Time:09/27/2007 at 1:07am (UTC)
Message:lol, you fool i just read the comments on the photos, lol

Time:09/25/2007 at 2:36pm (UTC)
Message:hey buddy awsum site
i commented ur pics...catch ya later

Time:08/31/2007 at 6:59am (UTC)
Message:If you wish to atain login details Post a mesage here of E-Mail Peter at peter_franklin2@hotmail.com

Peter Franklin Jr, First tested a Junior Kart in April 2005 at 14 years of age, This was after sevral indoor Go-Kart races.
Only 2 months Later Peter Accuired his first Go-Kart, a Monaco GP1 and a CAMS Go-Kart License. But due to illness Peter was unable to compete in his first meeting in June 2005.
Peters First race in a Go-Kart was July 2005 at Ballarat Kart Club.
Peter was members at Ballarat untill June 2006 when they Switched to the Geelong (Corio) Kart track, where he is still members at today.
But competed at Geelong in Junior National Heavy for the second half of 2006, before probloms in early 2007 didn't see Peter race untill April, at which this stage they decided to step up to Senior Clubman, They ran in Clubman Heavy for the rest of 2007, having the motor blueprinted in Sepetember, what immediantly made a massive imrpovement, with Peter first blueprinted race finishing in 4th possition.
The final meeting off 2007 was one of the highest points in Peters Carrer, finishing in the top 5 in all 3 races, including a 3rd place in race 1, narrowly missing a podium after being spun out while leading in Race 2.
After a very promising end to the 2007 season, Peter entered the 2008 season with high hopes, but all it delivered was a heap of heart break on what was a great end to 2007.
The highlight of the year was second overall in Clubman Heavy in the July Clubday, exactly 4 years after making his race debute.
Peter will enter the 2009 Season hopping to continue on with the from he ended the 2007 season with, and put an extreamly disapointing 2008 season behind him.
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