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Release Date: Wednesday 25th April 2012
"Peter Moves from Horse power to Human Power"

After a planned return to Karting feel through due to budget issues, Peter Franklin has made the move to Human Powered Vehicel Racing for 2012 with one of the countrys best HPV teams, Dirty Mongrel Racing.

Peter joined DMR in January, and has allready competed in the first two events of the Casey Bass Coast HPV series, the Casey 6 hour in Late February, where the team finished 6th out of 60. Followed by the Wonthaggi GP 24 hour in March, It was aqn eventfull race for the team and for Peter, after running in the top 5 for much of the opening day, the team had a number off issues over night, costing them alot of time and positions, They ended up crossing the finish line 13th overall out of 90.

The 3rd and final round will be another Casey 6 hour, on May 14th, that will be followed by Round 1 of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series, a 6 hour race at Victoria Park in Adelaide on May 25/26.

Release Date: Monday 30th January 2012
"Franklin Prepares For Return"
His Last race was May 2009, Peter Franklin is set to make a come back to full time motor racing in 2012!
"Its been a long time away from the sport, i've been out in the indoor Karts are few times, but their just not the same, your missing to much power, My Kart is in the process of a full rebuild, and once that is complete, i'll reknew my licenese, pick my club, and get back to full time race! My main focus the past few years has been HPV Racing, but theirs simply not enough track time, i want to be able to go and and race around the track when ever im bored, and Karting will give me the oppotunity back"
Peter Expects a strong return, and is allready looking fowared to a Competitive strong 2013 season.

Release Date: Friday 29 May 2009
"Peter Ready for first race back in 6 months"
His last race was November 2008, after 6 months without a license, Peter finaly got his renewed on Thursday 21 may, what was followed by a test day on Saturday 23 may.

"It was great to get back behind the wheel for real this time. We done plenty of laps and i pushed the kart to the limits to test the reliability. It past the test with flying colours, and flying speed. I was extreamly pleased with the speed it showed, and we will use the clubday this sunday to test its reliability and speed during race situations. And then by June we will have the Kart back up to 100% and be ready to fight for wins".

It marks the return to Ballarat for Peter, were it all started back in 2005. Petes last race at the track was in July 2006, so its been almost 3 years since he was at the track. but says it all came right back to him by turn 1.

The only hairy bit of the day was turn 1, lap 1, were Peter locked his rear breaks and got very out of shape into and around the corner, but made it without going off the track.

Release Date: Tuesday 28 April 2009
"Plans Back on Track, after huge crash"
After Crashing his kart at high speed after a break failure last Saturday, Peter Franklin has confirmed that he will be returning to the track where it all started for him, Ballarat. after 6 months not racing, Peter Franklin will be joining Ballarat Kart Club, hopefully sometime in may, in time for the May Clubday on the 31st. If they dont make that, Peter will definitly be back intime for June, and says he is expecting nothing less then a grea second half to the year, and to come out next year all guns fireing, and have his most competitve season ever!

Peter will also be returning to the "All Black" Livery, what he began running in Junior, at Ballarat. it will be his first time in all black, since moving into Senior mid 2007.

Release Date: Wednesday 1 April 2009
"Delayed Season for Peter"
Peter Franklin is still yet to race in 2009. Due to un forseeable issues. Peter's plans for 2009 are not yet clear. and its no clear when he will get back out on track. Altho it is becoming clear, in 2010 Peter will run a midget Kart, for his little Brother Kallum. Stay Tuned!

Release Date: Friday 12 December 2008

"New Begining for 2009"
After an adverage to poor 2008 season, with the final to clubdays being the worse on record for Peter Franklin, 2009 is looking to be a fresh start for Peter.

Sinse moving to Geelong in mid 2006, Peter has had his Motor serviced by Extream Karts, and all parts from Extream Karts. But now they are moving on, saying "Extream Karts have been the reason we haven't been winning races" "They are useless, and have no understanding on how to run a company" Said Peter.

Peter had a fairly busy off season in store before an early start to the 2009 season, with the Club competition kicking of in January, a month earlier then normall.

"I'm looing extreamly fowared towards 2009, and its promising to be by far our best season"

Release Date: Friday 28 November 2008
"Gearing up for final meet"
Peter Franklin is gearing up for his final Race meeting of the year this weekend.
The November clubday is going to provide Peter with a challange that he has never had to perform before. Qualifying. Peter has welcomed the new one of move with extream excitment, "Sure racing is the best part of the day, but Qualifying is going to be just as great! Its a new challange for me, and one im sure I will give my best shot to perform well in. It will be a great opotunity to show just how fast we can be, without worrying about the dramas of the race start. Sure we have had some good results this this year, but in the many that we haven't its often came down to poor starting postions, or dramas on the first lap."

Release Date: Friday 26 September 2008
"New Look For First October Clubday"
Last time Peter Raced was the July Clubday were Peter walked around with second overall for Clubman Heavy.
Peter was unable to race August clubday for multipull reasons.
But when Peter does hit the track in just over 1 weeks time, for the first of 2 October Clubdays, he will be sporting a all new look, on his BRM Chassis.

During the break Peter was testing on the 20th of September and had a chain fail what destroyed the chainguard. So they decided while they were getting a new Guard, they miteswell replace what else was damaged on the Kart...  Peter Will switch from his long used Black sidepods to all new Blue sidepods.

Peter Franklin has ran the black sidepods sinse he was racing in Junior in 2005. But it wont be the first time he has had the blue pods, but when he first began in 2005 they had an all Blue Kart.. but that only lasted one meeting before it was painted Black.. And he has ran the all Black pain livery sinse, Altho racing the BRM Livery stickers on his current Kart. 
"I'm looking fowared to getting the new gear for the Kart, and its going to be a change. hopefully for the good" Said Peter


Release Date: Monday 25 August 2008
"Not Out There To Win This Month"
It's not often you will hear a Racer say he will not be out racing to win, but that is exactly what Peter Franklin has said 1 week out from this months Clubday at Geelong. Over the last 4 weeks Peter has been suffering from Asthma and now Pneumonia and has said he is not a serios chance to claim a second Podium in a row. Altho he has said he will still fight as hard as he can, and will not back of untill the checkerd flag has droped. 
With finacial issues relating to the racing side of things of the past month, Peter will be comming into this clubday with a less then adverage ride under his belt.

Peter Franklin has been in talks with a hopefull Sponsor what he hopes will boost the team and finaly get it running as a race winning Kart. But it is still in early stages and Peter has said there will be no way the Sponsership deal will be all done by next weekend.
"We still have a long way to go, After all they are from another country and contacting them is dificult at times, so keeping in touch is not so easy. We still have a lot to do but we are really hopefull it will all be in place by as early as the end of the year. But we do expect it to be up and running for the start of next year." Told Peter 

Release Date: Wednesday 30 July 2008
"First Podium For Peter"
Peter Franklin Jr has scored his first ever podium finish on the weekend, scoring second place outright for Clubman Heavy at Geelong Kart Club. Altho its the third time Peter has steped on the podium, its his first outright podium. Peter took 2 Handycup wins at Ballarat Kart Club back in 2005, and 2006. Exactly 2 years after last steping on the podium for his 2006 July Handy cup win at Ballarat, Peter Franklin keept his Kart on track for all 3 races to manage to still his first podium finish at geelong, and his first outright finish.
Peter dedicated his Podium to his father who was unable to attend the race, due to health reasons, and being in Hospital. Its the first race in Peters 4 year history that his father did not attend. 
"To get my first podium finish, and for it to be 2nd place, i've never been happier, after proboly whats been the worse week in a really long time comming into the weekend, it was really satisfying to walk away with a Trophie. Altho it wasn't the same without dad there to join the fun." Said Peter.

But the Weekend wasn't all joys for Peter, he was given a $50 fine in Race 2 for Clubman Heavy after contact with another Kart ended both there races.

Peter's next race will be on the 31st of August, for the next clubday at Geelong.

Release Date: Wednesday 18 June 2008
Well after a good run during the May Clubday, racing in Clubman Light for the first time, Peter looks fowared to returning to Clubman Heavy this clubday we high hopes of a podium result.
Peter hopes to also race in Clubman Light as well to keep up the race millege and to try to find every little second out of the kart.

Be shore to came out to Geelong Kart Club on the Sunday 29th of June to see all the action from the June Clubday!

Release Date: Wednesday 14 May 2008
"Busy 3 weeks"
Peter Franklin is going to be in for a fairly busy next 3 weeks. Peter is going indoor go-Kart racing with his mates on Saturday 17th of may. And then the following weekend is the clubday were Peter will be making his debute in Clubman Light, as well as racing in his usall class, Clubman Heavy.

And then just one weekend later is the All Stars / Winter Cup at Geelong Kart Club what Peter is going to be racing in. Its going to be his biggest race sinse mid 2006 were he raced in Junior Heavy in the Ballarat round of the Country Series.

But it wont be all smoth sailing for Peter over the next 2 weekends, after he sliced his back open on Tuesday he had to have 12 stiches put in. But he was given the green to race by the Doctors.

So Expect to see Peter putting in some really quick lap times this clubday a head of the All Stars Round, and with a home track advantage Peter is hoping for a solid top 5 result.

Release Date: Sunday 20 April 2008
"Peter Sets Hight Goals"
With just one week left untill the April clubday, Peter Franklin is aiming to prove to himself and others just how fast him and his  BRM Yamaha Go-Kart really are.
With the new motor being delivered this week, and being run in Friday, it gives Peter a day to prepare for the Big day.

After suffering from illness and injurys over the past 2 months, what has involved a broken hand what he raced with last clubday, and a uknown virus effecting him over the past few weeks, Peter says he is feeling great. Peter says his fitness levels now are higher then they have ever been, and the only thing he is worrying about comming into the clubday is the fact he is more then likely going to be way under weight.

"I feel so great right now, I have worked extreamly hard over the past two weeks to increase my fitness after injury and sickness has slowed me down. But with all the training i've done to get quicker on track, i have also lost a fair bit of weight, and considering we are allready just under the weight limit, I dont think fuel is going to be enough to get as over this time" said Peter.

Racing commences at 11am Sunday morning, and gates open at 6. Location, Beckley Park, Geelong, opposite Trotting track.

Release Date: Sunday 30 March 2008

"Reliabilty Strikes Again"
After starting race 1 from a Strong second place Peter took a easy lead into turn 1. Peter held the lead for the first 3 laps untill a few minor errors alowed the rest of the pack to catch up, By lap 5 Peter had droped down to 3rd place, and had a comfetable gap over 4th and hanging onto the back of Cameron in 2nd, but as he come into turn 4 on lap 6 Peter lost all Power coming along the straight before the rear wheels locked sending Peter spinning of the track, as soon as the Kart stoped Peter knew what happend, as you could tell by his body language to the Kart as he yanked it clear of the track. 
Un able to continue on they packed up the Kart and left the track early, a very disapointing way to end the second round.
Peter said, after two disapointing clubdays in a row, he has given up on his hopes to be a contender for the championship and said he is going to use the remander of the season as preperation for 2009, also after this poor result Peter has pulled out of the All Star Series for 2008, but will still compete in the Geelong and ELKC championship rounds, aswell as Round 6 of the Country Series at Ballarat.

Release Date: Tuesday 24 March 2008

"Back On Track" 
Peter Franklin will be back on track as early as this Saturday after breaing his hand on the 7th.  
Peter has rested his hand and will be getting the cast of this Friday in time to race on the sunday (30). 
Peter heads into the round rull of confidence of a podium result. 
After strong perfomances in the final October clubday and the first clubday of the year, Peter says aslong as he can stay out of trouble, and finish the races, there is no reason why he cannot archive a top 3 result.

If you are interested in coming out to the club day on Sunday, Entry to the track is Free, and the canteen stocks some great hot and cold food.

The track is located at Beckley Park, Geelong Road Corio
adjacent to trotting track/north of
Geelong. Enter through the main gate and follow the road around the inside fence to the track at the rear.

7.30am Gates Open
8.30am to 9.30am Entry Confirmation
8.30am to 9.45am Scrutineering
9.45am Carby session (2 laps only)
10.45am Drivers briefing
11.00am Racing Commences
Classes of 8 and over 2x8 lap heats. 10 lap final
Classes of 7 or less 2x6 lap heats. 8 lap final

Release Date: Wednesday 12 March 2008

"Injury may ruin championship hopes for Peter" 
Peter maybe ruled out of the March clubday after injuring his hand Friday night. X-rays revealed on Tuesday that there was a crack in the bone in his right hand what will take atless 3 weeks to heel, and a futher 3 weeks of rest after the cast is removed.
Peter is convident that h e can get the cast removed before the clubday, and get to a resonable fitness to race on the 30th. Doctors have  adviced against Peter racing, but with Peter allready missing one round in June, he does not wont to make it two. "I am going to do every thing I can to race this month, I'm allready behind the 8ball on track time, and i dont wont to fully blow any chances of a good championship result, I'm confident i will be racing" said Peter.

Release Date: Monday 25 Febuary 2008

"Greed Ends Race 1 For Peter"
After running in a strong 4th place for most of race 1, on lap 6, with 2 laps to go, Peter decided to make a risky move coming into turn 4 to take 3rd place, Peter went very late under brakes and slide his Kart into the turn, hitting side on Matthew Beckwith who was in 3rd place, Peter bounced of the side and went another 3 meters before being forced to stop with a Broken Chain. 
Race 2 just got worse, Starting 4th Peter go a even start and followed the leaders into turn 1, not expecting them to all bunch up and run wide, Peter took the out side line, but when they did all run out wide, Peter found him self with no were to go, He hit the back off Bjorn Schultheiss and Riped apart his front nose cone, un able to keep going, Peter drove the kart to the side of the track and retired. Race 3 to got Peter, Starting in 6th place Peter made a great start and jumped into 4th place by the exit of turns 1 & 2, thanks to the demise Cameron Giddings on turn 1. Peter fought hard but did not manage to pass Kevin Nicholls for 3rd spot, Even tho Peter had the faster Kart, Faster lap time, and faster speed then Kevin, After the race Peter was extreamly disapointed at him self, and said that he had more in him, explaining he just didn't have the concentration on the day to improve on his position.

Release Date: Thursday 17 Febuary 2008

"Just 8 Days" 
Well after a long of season, were down to the last 8 days before the start of the new season. We got our motor back last Sunday, its been fully re-build and just needs to be run in, So this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday we will go out to the track and run in the engine ahead of next weekends opening round for the Club Series Championship. We have high expectations for 2008, and beleive a top 5 finish to the Championship is very much possible. We will also be hopping for a number of race wins this year aswell what we think is not unrealistic.

Release Date: Thursday 24 January 2008

"Seised Motor" 
So after pulling down the motor to find out what was wrong with it, we have found the it had infact siesed up. The Piston was badly burnt on the side, and the ring was stuffed. We expect there was a problom with the Carby, or something, what did not alow the correct mixture into it. Because it looks as if it was to leen, or did not get enough oil into it.
So we have the engine getting a top end re-build, and we will have it back, and run it in, in plenty of time for the first Clubday in February

Release Date: Friday 11 January 2008

"Out Of The Open" 
With only around a month left untill the Victorian Open Championships, We have decided to pull ourentry out of it. With uknown probloms with the Kart, with is stopping it from Starting, we have decided to miss the VOC's, to have more time to work on the Kart, to get it running fine for the Geelong Club Championship, also in 2008 we will be for the first focusing on the Golden Power series, as we prepare to leave the Club Level. 

Release Date: Sunday 6 January 2008

"Blowing Out The Cob Webs, And the engine"
On Sunday the 6 of Jan, we took the Go-Kart out to the track for the first time in 2008, and the first time sinse October, we went out to blow out the cob webs, and just to keep her fresh. But what a day it would turn out to be, First of all, in the first session I went out I had no breaks at all, what scared the crap outta me coming into turn 1 at full speed, at the end of the main straight, after that I changed my driving style to be able to stay out without using breaks, I did this by slidding the Kart into the Corner. 
So after that I went out there for another session, this time about 3 laps in on the exit of turn 2, the engine cut out, So I rolled it almost back to the pit lane at the Out Grid, we had a look at the Kart then when we could not find wha the problom was, and why we couldn't start it, we packed her up, and left. Were still trying to work out what is wrong with it, hopefully we will find out this Saturday when we take it to Dominic to check out.

Release Date: Tuesday 20 November 2007

Sun 28th October. The second October clubday was the best on record for me, We went out in the Practice session and showed some good speed, and then found out that the wheel had come loose again, Well we found out what the problom was finally and fixed it up. 
Race 1 for as was unbelivibly, I started in 6th positon and got a bad start, but slowly began to make up positions, and before i new it i was back up to 5, I was sitting in 5th spot pretty happilly, but then mananged to catch 4th place, so I past him, then i court  3rd and got passed him aswell. And at the finish line, I found my self comming accross the line in third place, My best ever serios result, the next best was a 4th in race one at the first October clubday. Race two I started on Poll, and made the most of it, I almost lead for the whole opening lap untill I got tea boned by another kart and spun out. I tell you wat, it was scarey sitting there facing the wrong way watching the whole field scream past me, And then it happend, one hit me and allmost rolled. But I was okay, i had keept my foot on the Eccelarator, as well as the break, so the engine was still running, so I spun the Kart back around and keept going, By the end I had mananged to make up a couple of positions and finished in 4th place, mainly thanks to others DNF'ing. Then in race 3 i was fighting for a podium, i was 3rd overall in the points for the round and just had to hold on, I started race 3 in 3rd, Droped to 5th, got back up to third but then got passed again, then from there on it, I was fighting with 5th the whole race, we were swapping positions a number of times each lap, but in the end i got in front on the last lap, and held it to finish the final race in 4th position. I just missed out on a podium by a hand full of points, It was so disapointing, but hey. It has given me a lot of confidence heading into next year. 
So for now, that is all.

Release Date: Saturday 6 October 2007

What a day of racing, The engine made a huge difrence, and we come home for my best ever resualt in a out right race, In race 1 I started in 6th, but made it into the lead at turn 1, but I was out wide so I droped back into 3rd. Then 1 lap later Andrew got up the inside of me and droped me to 4th. But I stayed there and come home in a great place, I was over the moon. Then race 2, the rains had came, and the track was wet, well it was drying but I aswell as a few others decided to go out on Wets. We completed the roll around laps without incident. I got a great start from 3rd, and had the lead coming into turn 1, next thing i knew the kart was not turning, I looked down to see the right front wheel woppling all around the place, next thing i knew the wheel was off and bouncing away over the fence. Well it was a tough end to the 2nd race. Race 3 was just as bad, we made the horrible choice to go out on wets on almost a dry track. and we lost a lap. Then afterwards I relised that the barrings had yet again come of the wheel.... So it was a tough day overall. Hopefully next time is better.  

Release Date: Tuesday 25 September 2007

I'm steel not shore when were going to run-in to motor. My dad had to go into hospital yesterday, and he is going to be in there for around 2-4 days. And on this weekend im going to a Freinds party on Sunday. So im not shore when we will do it, the clubday race meeting is on Saturday 6th. So we dont have much time. I may have to get my mum to take me out there, so I can run it in. God, that will be the day, my mum doing something for me. Ow well.  Get Better Soon Dad.

Release Date: Friday 14 September 2007

We have had the motor of being re-build since the end of last Clubday, it is finished now, and My dad is picking it up tonight on his way home from work.

Not shore when we will run it in at this stage, this weekend im going to the Sandown 500 and next weekend i am busy. That only gives as one weekend before the next Clubday.


Release Date: Sunday 26 August 2007

The race day went pretty good. We got a good reusalt in race 1, but got taken out on lap 1 turn 1 of race 2, for once it was not my fault . We went strong again in the 3rd and final race, but did not have the speed as the front runners. After the racing we pulled the Engine of the Kart and gave it to Dominic. He is going to re-build it and blue print it for as to get some more speed out of it. We should have it running before the next clubday in October.

Release Date: Saturday 25 August 2007

Practice: Went down to the track today to get some practice in before the clubday tomorrow. It was pretty tough, It was the hottest that it's been this year for me, and after the first practice session I did I was pretty warn out. The second session the Kart was a lot better, and it wasn't so bad, the 3rd session was good, we conitnued the good pace, and I some how managed to keep up with the Formula 100 guys around the bends, but of course they were faster in the straits. The 3rd session was stoped early for me, as I almost run out of fuel. I went back out and did a 4th session, it got a bit scarey in the 4th, as I got the Kart up onto  2 wheels, twice. And that was without hitting the ripple strips of any thing. So we had a good day, but I am really saw now, and have a few big marks on my sides. So it is going to be even tougher tomorrow. 


Release Date: Thursday 23 August 2007

Make your way down to Geelong on Sunday 26th, (That Is This Sunday) For round 7 of the Geelong Kart Club Championship. Peter Franklin Jr will be making his 4th start of the year, in Clubman Heavy, and his outright 4th ever start in Clubman Heavy, and after making big improvements between his first and second rounds, this one is shore to be a great one.

If you are interested in coming out to the club day on Sunday, Entry to the track is Free, and the canteen stocks some great hot and cold food.

The track is located at Beckley Park, Geelong Road Corio
adjacent to trotting track/north of
Geelong. Enter through the main gate and follow the road around the inside fence to the track at the rear.

7.30am Gates Open
8.30am to 9.30am Entry Confirmation
8.30am to 9.45am Scrutineering
9.45am Carby session (2 laps only)
10.45am Drivers briefing
11.00am Racing Commences
Classes of 8 and over 2x8 lap heats. 10 lap final
Classes of 7 or less 2x6 lap heats. 8 lap final


Release Date: Friday 17 August 2007

Any body who has ever though of getting involved in motor racing but dont have a lot of money, Have a shot at Go-Kart racing. If you live in Victoria and would like to have a test in a Go-Kart, you can give me (Peter) a ring on 0434557713, or you can E-Mail me at peter_franklin2@hotmail.com


Release Date: Saturday 4th July 2007


Not much news here, last Clubday on July 29th went pretty badly. Spun of the track in race 1 on turn 3, lap 1. I was in the lead at the time. Race 2 I made contact with another kart what ended both our races.  But I made it to the end of Race 3, be it in last spot. The kart did not feel good at all. But hay we I'll get over it and come back even stronger for the August clubday.

Peter Franklin Jr, First tested a Junior Kart in April 2005 at 14 years of age, This was after sevral indoor Go-Kart races.
Only 2 months Later Peter Accuired his first Go-Kart, a Monaco GP1 and a CAMS Go-Kart License. But due to illness Peter was unable to compete in his first meeting in June 2005.
Peters First race in a Go-Kart was July 2005 at Ballarat Kart Club.
Peter was members at Ballarat untill June 2006 when they Switched to the Geelong (Corio) Kart track, where he is still members at today.
But competed at Geelong in Junior National Heavy for the second half of 2006, before probloms in early 2007 didn't see Peter race untill April, at which this stage they decided to step up to Senior Clubman, They ran in Clubman Heavy for the rest of 2007, having the motor blueprinted in Sepetember, what immediantly made a massive imrpovement, with Peter first blueprinted race finishing in 4th possition.
The final meeting off 2007 was one of the highest points in Peters Carrer, finishing in the top 5 in all 3 races, including a 3rd place in race 1, narrowly missing a podium after being spun out while leading in Race 2.
After a very promising end to the 2007 season, Peter entered the 2008 season with high hopes, but all it delivered was a heap of heart break on what was a great end to 2007.
The highlight of the year was second overall in Clubman Heavy in the July Clubday, exactly 4 years after making his race debute.
Peter will enter the 2009 Season hopping to continue on with the from he ended the 2007 season with, and put an extreamly disapointing 2008 season behind him.
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